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Privacy policy

Status , 9200 Gossau SG

1. Limitation of Liability

The information and links on our website are only for informing visitors.
They do not constitute legal advice, we also care about the correctness of texts.
The completeness of information on our website is not guaranteed.
We are not responsible for any damage in connection with the use of our website and information contained therein.

2. External links

Our website contains links to third party websites, so called external links.
These websites are the sole responsibility of the respective operator.
LADY OF SHINE checks if any violations of law may occur.
At the time, there were no obvious violations.
LADY OF SHINE has no impact on the current and future state of the content of external websites.
Including external links means that LADY OF SHINE is not responsible for them.

3. E-mail communication

Sending unencrypted data by email is not secure
for the exchange of confidential information and personal data.
If you want to send us confidential information by email
you must be aware that unauthorized third parties such as hacker
can access and check them.
You should also be aware that unauthorized third parties may without your consent
can forge information and use it for your own purposes.
Information sent by email can go to an another country.
This can happen even if the sender and recipient are in Switzerland.
For this reason, you should also know that information sent by email
they may also go to a country where the level of data protection is lower than in Switzerland.
However, if you still contact us via unencrypted email and send inquiries, we assume that you want to
this kind of communication with us. In this case, you also agree,
that we can also reply to you by unencrypted email and send you the information you need.

4. Copyright

The content on this site is subject to Swiss copyright.
Any use, alteration, sharing or reproduction of content
this site or parts of it are prohibited without permission from LADY OF SHINE.
LADY OF SHINE owns the copyright on all content on this site.

5. Privacy policy

When visiting our website, these information such as date, time or page visited may be saved on the server.
We do not save any personal data, such as name, surname or email address.
If personal data is being collected,
this is only possible with the prior consent of the website user.
The data will not be passed on to third parties without explicit consent of the website user.
The publisher emphasizes that he does not guarantee full data protection against access by third parties
that were sent via email that may have security vulnerabilities.
The publisher accepts no responsibility for damages caused by vulnerabilities.
The use of contact details by third parties for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.
It is different when the supplier has given prior written consent.
The publisher reserves the right to take legal action in the case of
unsolicited advertising information, for example via spam emails.

6. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your computer,
smartphone or other device for accessing the internet, whenever you visit a website.
Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device.
We use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as to determine preferences and to let visitors navigate between pages efficiently.
The browsers of most computers, smartphones and other web-enabled devices are typically set up to accept cookies.
If you wish to amend your cookie preferences for this website or any other websites,
you can do this through your browser settings.
Your browser’s help function will tell you how to do this.
Please be aware that cookies are often used to enable and improve certain functions
on our website and if you choose to deactivate cookies,
it will affect your ability to view our website properly.

7. Questions regarding disclaimer

If there are any questions regarding this disclaimer,
we will give more information via E-Mail or telephone.

8. Updates

We reserve the right to update our disclaimer at any time and to adapt new legal requirements.
This disclaimer was last amended on 16.02.2020